In the development and globalization of the world economy, we see that the client needs
comprehensive, rational decisions and professional advice, which, in turn, leads to successful work
and business development. Our goal is to be a reliable partner for market participants to achieve the
highest results. We work with the largest construction and logistics companies in Lithuania and
abroad and responsibly fulfil our obligations in order to guarantee the quality of our services.

Our mission is to listen, assess, advise and provide optimal solutions in each specific case, depending
on the market situation and customer needs.

We provide the following services:

  • supply of inert materials and solutions for their realization
  • sale and rental of quarry equipment
  • acquisition and sale of quarries
  • advice on the purchase and sale, exploitation and reclamation-recovery of quarries and
    other issues

We are an official dealer

UAB “Inertus” is the official dealer of such major companies as McLanahan, Anaconda for the supply
of construction equipment in the Baltic States, Finland and Belarus as well as the official partner of
the company SBM in Lithuania. We provide customers only with professional offers what concerns
the purchase of career equipment. Purchasing equipment for a client is a responsible, if not a
decisive step, so we sell not only basic equipment, but also complex solutions, which include the
selection of targeted and rational equipment, high-quality product manufacturing and sales
opportunities. Only high quality and necessary products can be successfully sold. Ensuring the
quality of the product requires constant strict production control and verification in accredited
laboratories, product certification. Since the market for inert materials is strongly influenced by the
construction market, and the latter is very dynamic and constantly changing, inert materials often
require non-standard solutions, such as innovation in the product range, and in the field of logistics,
to minimize the locality factor.