Having vast experience in road construction and quarrying, we have the advantage of providing a broad range of services in this market:

  • Advise on all issues: legalization, exploitation and reclamation-recovery of quarries;
  • Extraction of inert materials, reclamation of quarries using customer existing equipment or we provide the opportunity to do the work with our equipment;
  • Recycle raw materials and produce the required products;
  • Gathering a new team or training existing staff for query exploitation;
  • According to the mining project, the composition of the raw materials and the needs of the market we can propose the most appropriate mining equipment;
  • We can perform market analysis and make recommendations for pricing list of products;
  • Offer quarries for acquisition and giving an advice for successful sale of yours own;
  • We can professionally and quickly prepare documents for certification of the company’s internal production control system, which is the basis for the manufacturer to draw up a quality declaration of product.